RECAP: Pitchfork Music Festival and Newport Folk Fest 2015


The end of July was spent cross the country in a van from Asheville to Chicago, IL and Newport, RI and Back. Pitchfork Music Festival and Newport Folk Festival are always two of our favorite weekends of the summer, and this year was no different! (even with all the mess...see below)

We experienced our first bought of terrible people when our van was broken into Friday Afternoon right before we were to load in for Pitchfork. We were robbed of guitar straps, flasks, totes, wallets, and a lot of our personal items.  We were able to still work pitchfork though, as they left all our journals, and the people of pitchfork in turn were AWESOME. 

We rallied and were able to bring a full set-up to Newport Folk Festival the following week , where we enjoyed tons of sunshine, awesome sets, and some of our favorite people. 

SO thanks y'all, for being rad.